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Millionaire Midwife

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The Millionaire Midwife: 12 Revelations of a Profit Producer Mar 21, 2019 by Brandy Woods-Smith -- The Millionaire Midwife – 12 Revelations of a Profit Producer Birthing a new life or making a new life change can be an arduous task and they both require the services of a midwife. It’s not uncommon to hear someone say they aspire to be a millionaire. A true believer actually takes it a step further and puts a plan in place to realize their dreams. Brandy Woods is a believer. Her mantra is, “Being Broke Ain’t Biblical.” Brandy Woods, a single mother of two, was an unlikely candidate for millionaire status. She wrapped her desire in faith and let it lead her on an undeniable miraculous journey of wealth building. She is now sharing the “rags to riches” story that propelled her to the front of the line at the bank in The Millionaire Midwife, 12 Revelations of a Profit Producer. In this thought-provoking book you will find: · Winning strategies for guaranteed revenue creation · Life modification tools that better position you for success · Financial secrets which fuel your faith for prosperity (the God kind of abundance) · and The Profit Producer’s Blueprint! Brandy’s desire is that this powerful book not only positions you for millionaire status, but The Millionaire Midwife’s prayer is “that in every way you may prosper…as your soul also prospers. ~ 3rd John 1:2